Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Out with the Old...

Ok, so... my dear laptop with ALL my stuff on it from the last 5 or so years was taken from me by a bad man(i'm assuming it was a solo male) on Boxing Day... my art, pics(including traveling ones and dear family pics... :( mommy), music i have been recording, loops, work, projects, portfolio, yadda yadda... all of that is now GONE. A HUGE personal piece of ME... of JENN BRISSON was violently stolen!! I even had an external hard drive i could've backed everything up on and didn't(of course). CHOKED!

...OK, i'm over it.

So i will only be able to post a few more things from the last year or so, then it's ALL going to be NEW NEW NEW... which is a good thing, actually(i'm trying to see it that way, anyways). I've been needing to move on and focus on the Now...

So, here's to 2009 and
NEWness! Out with the Old, in with New!

1 comment:

Hobo Divine said...

Oh my GOD
That is horrible!!!!!
(biggest hug)
I hope his ding-ding gets radiation from your lap-top KARMA STYLE!


~ Hobo Divine