Monday, April 6, 2009

The New Breed

So, i started sketching these slumpy, sacky, weird, doll-like creatures. I attempted to do a couple of paintings of them and was quite tickled with the outcome. I guess i'm branching out from the ol' Teddymare creatures that i've been obsessed with for the past few years. Maybe these new guys are the Teddymares' cousins? I dunno. Slowly this world of mischievous minions will make more sense to me...

...stay tuned...

"Zogg Gets Inspired"
acrylic and mixed on canvas
April 2009

"Dweegle Finds A Light"
acrylic and mixed on canvas
March 2009
Shown at El Kartel on Robson Street
("Dweegle" was entered in the 100 Amigos Show on April 4th, 09) Yeay!

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Meg Shaw said...

these are my favourites.