Thursday, August 6, 2009

GROOVE OPERATOR - CD Release Party!!!

A co-worker and good friend of mine, Josey Watts(Groove Operator) is releasing his first album, "Motion Control"! I am already one of his biggest fans!! This shit is tha BOMB!!!! Seriously, i love it! Eventhough i am playing on the 5th track called "Moments" bustin out some flute licks... or what others might call a... tin whistle, i am not being biased!! It's pretty funkin' sweet!

Some other friends of mine will also be performing that night, such as Mike Paprocki(Echopilot).

I am proud to be a part of the festivities, as well... i will be showing some art, as well as selling some prints and magnets. PLUS Joe will be reuniting with members of an old funk band he was in while living in England... and i've been asked to do a little sumptin sumptin on the mic... well, we'll see...

This is the album!!! "Motion Control"

Leaving you with words about the show from the GrooveOperator himself...

"Comrades! Join the Fight!!

Just to let you know that the gig at the Anza Club is in ONE DAY and would love to see you out that night in force to support my efforts to eliminate wack hip hop from the air waves. GrooveOperator's first album "Motion Control" is the first in a series of audio strikes against non funky beat makers, wack mcs, ring tone puppets, studio gangsters, emo kids, and folk that don't got no soul. To propogate this audio revolution to your friends and family would be of great service to the cause and will be a contributing factor in bringing balance to the force. Please organize your tickets with either Joe or Jenn this week as tickets being sold at an exponential rate. GrooveOperator's military wing has already started recruiting foot soldiers and counter revolutionaries to overthrow the established order to bring funk and soul to those who have been purged and exposed to the wackness for so many years.

God Bless You All

Together we can get through this"

-Joseyjoe aka GrooveOperator

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