Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine's/Olympic Month!!

So, i have a few shows coming up just in time for Valentine's Day and the Olympics. It's gonna be a busy month!

1. One of them is a group show called The "Heart-On" Show. It's happenin' Sat Feb 6th at Box Studios! RSVP on Facebook or here
2. Then right after on the Sun Feb 7th I'm having a Solo Show at The Whip from 6-9pm!! Sunday is Caesar specials, and it is also their Cask night – starts at 4 and goes until it runs out – they're always busy for this. Please please PLEASE come out and say hello!! I'll have some new stuff to show!! Plus i have a few new prints!

3. The "Carded" Show will be on Feb 27th at Gallery Row on Granville and Broadway. Announcements haven't been made yet about who's in the show, but 50 lucky artists will be chosen to have their art on trading cards with their info for a 'one-night-only-trading-card-night'. I was in their last show and it was so much! It's on Facebook, too.

4. One more group show to work out, then i'll send an update about that, as well. "Murder of Crows" is going to make a come-back! Unfortunately the venue we had slated for Feb backed out at the last minute so we are scrambling to find another location for our show! Any ideas??

Hope everyone is having a great New Years so far! See you soon!!

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