Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Dirty Pop Show

Here's my submission for the "Dirty Pop" Show that happened at the end of Aug. I had plans to do 2 more... a She Hulk one and a Super Girl one... however, with a day time job, 2 freelance gigs, and a couple of commissions on the go... i figured one painting was plenty. And since this one sold right away, the three paintings will never get to be displayed together *sad*...

Unless the same person buys the other 2!! It's a possibility!

PS. There might be a Bat Girl one in the near future as well... tee hee

"The Truth Hurts"
mixed on canvas
Aug 2010

And here are pics from the event...


Premature Burial said...

i really like the painting with margo and richie tenenbaum

jenn brisson said...

yes, me too! It's from an artist that goes by the name of A Cagey Bee!! Check out her stuff here