Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eastside Culture Crawl 2011 Recap

So, just to recap(sorry it's like, 3 months later!!)... it was quite successful. Did i ever mention that? Anyways, it was. Busy as per usual- tons of new people coming through, lots of sales(prints, magnets and paintings), a lot of new "fans"... like i said it was successful. I did something fancy with one of the walls that i had my art displayed on(got a lot of great feedback from that)and now i'm trying to figure out how i'll show my work for next year... one thing i know i HAVE to do for next year, is start preparing WAY earlier! I know i say that every year, but i still fall behind and then it's a panic to get everything organized! I guess that's the way i work... ah well.

For more on the Crawl click here.
My page on the Crawl, here.

See ya in November, 2012!!

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