Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seattle Shows Go Media Crazy! PRETTY SEXY DIRTY GIRLIE

So, i had paintings in 2 shows last weekend in Seattle! One was called "Pretty, Sexy, Dirty, Girly" the other was "Sadie Hawkins Show". The first was held at the lovely Bherd Gallery where i've had the pleasure of showing work there in the past and the other was at Home Suite Home, just across the hall from Bherd :) The media went crazy over the weekend and both shows got a lot of attention.

"P, S, D, G Show" was about feminine sexuality and my paintings, along with a few other artists',  seemed to have balanced out the harsh, dark, and sometimes abrasive pieces that were up. Over all, i hear the show was a success(even had a beer sponsor this time around) and Siolo Thompson, who curated it and even was one of the artist in the show, got the media very interested in it!

Here are some press the show got!

City Living Seattle 
Phinneywood News
The Thrillist
The Thrillist 2
Ballard News Tribune
Treats Magazine
And the online gallery

I submitted 5 pieces all together. Here they are below(you might've seen some of them before)
"Pretty 1" Mixed on paper

"Pretty 2" Mixed on paper
"Lucy In The Wind With Feathers" Mixed on canvas board
"Precious In Pink" Mixed on canvas board
"Cradle Arms" Mixed on canvas board

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