Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Deighton's After Dark 3: Girls, Girls, Girls THE MISSING PICTURES!!!

The first one is a self portrait with my friend Venessa. We had a "stress" day from work, and went to Wreck Beach. The day was great and we had some great photos to prove it! These pictures were submitted to "Deighton's Girls, Girls, Girls" event. More info on this night is in an earlier post. Check it out...

Entries are:
1. "Same" - starring Venessa and Moi SOLD
2. "Stress Day" - starring Venessa in the reflection
3. "Siren Alluring" - starring Venessa SOLD
4. "Siren Waiting" - starring Venessa
5. "For You" - starring my neice, Alyssa SOLD

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