Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some New Decks...

Ok, i only got a few new ones done... and then JUST sold one of the them! It's great that they're selling fast, but man, i was hoping to get 20 done for my next show!! However that's in 17 days from now... which means i have to do at least 2 a night since i'm actually supposed to hang them up a few days before the show... hmmm... time to get crackin'... and crazy!!

Looks like i might not be celebrating my birthday after all :(

"Jimmy Jimmy Three Eyes"
mixed on broken skateboard
May 2010

mixed on broken skateboard
April 2010


cArLa said...

advanced happy birthday, don't worry it's never to late to celebrate!!! congratulations on your show 20 decks in 17 days - you are amazing! is benny for sale?

Ellery VanDooyeweert said...

So THAT's where you've been....

haven't heard from ya in a while.

jenn brisson said...

Hey Carla. Yes, Benny is for sale! Lemme know...

and yes, El... VERY busy... hermit-style.