Friday, June 3, 2011

Come Play In the Dark: Jenn Brisson by SUGAR CREATIVE

I can't believe i haven't posted this yet!!!! 
I thought i did, but i've been looking in my blog for this and couldn't find it!! 
I am ashamed...

A good friend of mine, Melanie Jane, of Sugar Creative, asked me to be the subject of one of her photo shoots. One of her projects was to take portraits of people who do different and interesting things. She wanted to stray away from the typical style portrait.

Here's her version of "Jenn Brisson" -me amongst my paints, paintings and creepy pets... click on the link and enjoy.

For more on Sugar Creative, click here


badheadcheese said...

I've never been attracted to an arachnid so much before.

jenn brisson said...

haha... thanks... i think :)