Wednesday, June 1, 2011

La Violenta Tormenta de Arte @The Beaumont

The Beaumont Studios

Currently Exhibiting

May 5th – May 30th LA VIOLENTA TORMENTA DE ARTE, An Homage to the Pageantry and Imagination of Mexican Wrestling

 (This painting is not mine. Not sure who the artist is...)

Inspired by the tradition of Mexican wrestling costumes and masks, Whistler based Blind Mute Productions is bringing their show La Violenta Tormenta De Arte to the gallery of The Beaumont Studios. Translated as A Violent Storm of Art, the mixed media collection includes paintings (oil, acrylic and watercolor), dioramas, photography, spray paint work, multi media pieces, and computer illustrations from 30 artists from all over Western Canada.

Arne Gutmann – Whistler
Robin Dutcher – Whistler
the Incredible Amoeba – Whistler
Randoid – Whistler
Josee St. Amour – Squamish
Jordan Soak – Vancouver
Phresha le Vandale – Vancouver
Dave “PEPE” Petko – Whistler
Sheena Weber – Vancouver
Natalia Kawatski – Whistler
Maria Sandner – Vancouver
Lauren Ritz – Whistler
Helen Wojcik – Nelson
Doerte Beilfus – Germany
Dan Poisson – Victoria
Jake “Destro” Spade – Victoria
Corinna Haight – Victoria
CHantelle Pellerin – Whistler
Christina Christy – Vancouver
Arin Seiber – Vancouver
Andy Fenwick – Whistler
Andrea Mueller – Whistler
Tassila Elizabeth – Whistler
Mark Kowalchuk – Calgary
Darren Camplin – Vancouver
Stan Matwychuk – Squamish
Jenn Brisson – Vancouver
Michael Bennett – Whistler
Dianna Day – Whistler
Nichole Steen – Whistler
12 Midnight – Whistler

Blind Mute Productions is an art show production team committed to showing new and established artists without censorship. For over 5 years the group has encouraged unbridled imagination and explored unique subjects in shows all over Whistler and Squamish and now in Vancouver and Victoria.
For more information about Blind Mute Productions visit their blog:

Or contact curator and artist Dave “PEPE” Petko:

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