Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jenn Brisson Goes Virtual!

Sorry i haven't been posting anything in awhile(been EXTREMELY busy). But i had to post this cuz it's pretty surreal for me...

Today, from 2 to 4pm, my art will be shown in a virtual gallery! The show is called "Pieces"(pieces of art, pieces of skateboards, pieces of paper, pieces of me... you get the idea) Basically, you go to this site called Second Life and create an avatar for yourself, enter the gallery, then walk around and view my shit! Crazy! I'm going to try to be there in attendance, cuz it just sounds too wacky to not, and see who else is there, i guess. Maybe meet people and answer questions for them? i dunno.

For more info you can go to the Facebook event here.

Maybe see you there??


cArLa said...

wow, super cool! i'm going there right now and create an avatar!

lana said...

Oh girl you have no idea about the world of Second Life. I'm the curator at a gallery there called The Criss MCA. I saw your stuff today and fell in love with it. We want to show your work at the gallery and hopefully give you some amazing exposure and sell some of your stuff. You are amazing. I can hardly wait to meet you. It's almost 1 pm sl time and I will be back there in a couple hours.Lana Simondsen

jenn brisson said...

Oh wow! Lana, i was trying to get into the gallery but it kept saying that my video card was not compatible!! I really wanted to check it out and meet some people and maybe answer any questions that anyone had! I'm going to post some pics form the event now... :) Thanks again for being a fan!!

And Carla did you get in??