Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Virtual Show Pics!

Here are some pics from my art show i had in Second Life, a virtual world. Very surreal but man, that world is huge!

But unfortunately my computer wouldn't let me enter the virtual gallery. I was really curious as to what the show would be like, so i picked an Avatar for myself and called myself Jenner Slingshot. However, my video card wasn't compatible once i tried getting into the actual gallery. Oh well. I heard there was a good turnout and i have a lot of new fans.

If anyone attended, please comment! I'm curious to hear more!!

Stacia Reinoir as Jezebel
Byrne Darkly Cazalet as Antoinette


Ellery VanDooyeweert said...

Whatta buncha nerds, heh.

Well the agoraphobics need to go to art shows too I guess.

jenn brisson said...

Yes, yes they do... but maybe they just can't physically leave their home!

MissApril said...

Cool stuff. I like a lot.

jenn brisson said...

Thanks Miss April!

Oh and Ellery... i think it's sorta neat that i can "show" my art to a totally different crowd of people other than the usual peeps. I have some new fans based on this site and they'd never have seen my stuff if it wasn't for it. Surreal!