Friday, February 27, 2009

The Carded Show

"Zombie Bunny"
acrylic and mixed on canvas
original SOLD!

The Carded Show which took place on January 24th, 2009, was the 6th event presented, produced and curated by Chris Bentzen and Jim Hoehnle (read what the Georgia Straight said about it here). The first five events were called One Inch Action, where you a pack of buttons with original art by 50 different artists and trade them. This time 'round, the items being traded were cards (obviously). I was fortunate enough to be a part of this one!! For 5 bux you get a random set of 5 cards(wrapped in a "Nancy Drew" or "Hardy Boys" page). And artists who participated got a set of 20 of their own cards for 10 bux. It was a PACKED night which made it easier to mingle with strangers and view cards that were sought after. I ended up with 11 cards and am still thinking of trading a couple with some people. Here are the one's that i got...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nights Like These

Friend of mine, Neal Ryan, finished recording his album, "Nights Like These" and approached me for some ideas for the cover. He didn't want anything too obvious and wanted to stray away from the typical solo picture. So i tried playing around with some colours and textures and used portions of other images to create some interesting art pieces in Photoshop. I sent him some examples i did, but in the end he went with another approach.

But i was really diggin' working on these textural pieces that i thought i'd share with you what i came up with...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebration Series 2008

"Party Moon"
-acrylic and mixed on canvas

"JubbJubb Moon"
-acrylic and mixed on canvas

"Eric is Excited!"
-acrylic and mixed on canvas

Excited, i made these just before the Culture Crawl, the Sweatshop Show and around the time of my man's birthday... i guess i had celebration on the mind...

"Cedric is Celebrating"
-acrylic and mixed on canvas
Donated to charity

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UPDATED! Deightons After Dark 6: Robots Dammit!!!

check it out... here

Artist Perspective's SEEING IS BELIEVING!

Artist Perspective's second show held at The Sweatshop on Hastings St.
Sold 3 paintings at the show to the gallery owner! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The 12th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl

My first time participating! TONS of work but totally worth it! I sold quite a bit but there were SOOOO many people that walked through my studio(room 344 of the Parker Street Studios-the largest building involved in the Crawl) that even if i didn't sell anything, the exposure alone was great! It was so interesting to get all that feedback and to hear all the comments people made... i am so glad i was a part of it. I have LOTS to do before the next one...

PS. I had three of my painting hung at the Chapel Arts Gallery during the Crawl and were there for the after parties! I don't think i have pics of that, but trust me... they were there!

i don't like this pic of me...

Counting Teddymares...

"6 Teddymares" - acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD

"7 Teddymares" - acrylic and mixed on canvas Donated to Charity(featured in the Georgia Straight)

"8 Teddymares" - acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD

Teddymares - In the beginning...

"Teddymares1" - acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD

"Teddymares2" - acrylic and mixed on canvas

Artists in the Family?

Three kids. Three drawings. One theme...

...its alien time...

Andre(6 yrs)
Alyssa(5 yrs)
Alex(3 yrs)

Teddymares!!! Some specific characters...

I did these when i started feeling like Life was giving me a bit of a break... FINALLY!

1. "Frank is Friggin' Ecstatic!"- acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD2. "Beavis is Beaming!" - acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD3. "Carl Couldn't Be Better!"- acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD4. "Harold is Finally Happy!"- acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD5. "Cynthia is Contemplating Life!"- acrylic and mixed on canvas SOLD


A bunch of friends of mine entered a Rock Band competition and made up a fake band called The Mankinis (after the wonderful "Borat" outfit). Needless to say they won the contest and i took it upon myself to do a photoshoot with this "band" for my entry into the Deighton's After Dark UNCOVERED event. I was killing two birds with one stone as the theme was based on covers(be it albums, magazines, books, etc) and The Mankinis were definetly UNCOVERED...

so here they are folks... meet the MANKINIS!!!

Deighton's After Dark 5: Uncovered

Another successful Deighton's After Dark night. My cousin, Liz and i performed another set here and were accompanied by members of The Boss Monsters.

Teddymares! Subeez Show THE MISSING PICTURES!!!

These are all SOLD! three different people actually. A three part series starring my Teddymares! I painted these in hope that a certain someone would read the "advice" on them and subconsciously follow their meanings...

...a year later he did.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Deighton's After Dark 3: Girls, Girls, Girls THE MISSING PICTURES!!!

The first one is a self portrait with my friend Venessa. We had a "stress" day from work, and went to Wreck Beach. The day was great and we had some great photos to prove it! These pictures were submitted to "Deighton's Girls, Girls, Girls" event. More info on this night is in an earlier post. Check it out...

Entries are:
1. "Same" - starring Venessa and Moi SOLD
2. "Stress Day" - starring Venessa in the reflection
3. "Siren Alluring" - starring Venessa SOLD
4. "Siren Waiting" - starring Venessa
5. "For You" - starring my neice, Alyssa SOLD