Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'H' is for Hellena

"Hellena" and "Hellena(detail)"
Mixed on canvas
May/June 2010
for the Boutique Beauties Show

(for some reason i think her smile reminds me of Cameron Diaz... hmmm)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Catchin' Up Part 2: More "Boutique Beauties Show" Paintings

I've noticed for a LONG time, that i like to collect things. Duh! Not just for the sake of collecting(mostly) but to one day use these items as canvas. When i walk by a flea market, yard sale, dumpster, etc... i wonder, "what treasures lay within"? I can't help it! I've collected things such as used and broken skateboards(which you might already know), cupboard doors(you've seen my 'Wonderland' pieces?), broken chair seats, random pieces of wood and driftwood, old abandoned instruments... to name a few. I still get the urge to buy new stretched canvas, but i have to stop myself! Why keep buying new stuff when i have a closet and storage room FULL of "canvas" just waiting to be painted on!?

So, for the "Boutique Beauties Show" i finally decided it was time to use some of my odd "canvases". I still have a TON of shit to go through, but this is a good start...

Here are a few of my plastic drum skin paintings. I still have to go through the fibre drum heads i have and a HUGE pile of broken and dented cymbals, an old bass and speakers covers.

Hmmm... maybe a musical themed art show in the near future??

Mixed on plastic drum skin
May/June 2010

"Jezebel" (detail)
Mixed on plastic drum skin
May/June 2010

Mixed on plastic drum skin
May/June 2010

"Isis" (detail)
Mixed on plastic drum skin
May/June 2010

"Satan's Lil' Helper"
Mixed on plastic drum skin
May/June 2010

Catchin Up: Pirate Show and Amigos Show

Last weekend i was in a Pirate/Sea/Mermaid themed Art and Burlesque Show called

LOWBROW on the HIGH SEAS 7: Arrt & Burlesque Show

at, conveniently enough, The Mermaid Cafe!

I submitted 2 of my Mermaid Paintings(that's one of them ^).
Click here to see them all!

This weekend, Sat Sept 25th, i'll be in ANOTHER group show called "100 Amigos".
This is El Kartel's second Amigos Show and also my second time showing here! 100 paintings by 100 amigos. It's gonna be PACKED!!!

For last year's submission, click here

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Virtual Show Pics!

Here are some pics from my art show i had in Second Life, a virtual world. Very surreal but man, that world is huge!

But unfortunately my computer wouldn't let me enter the virtual gallery. I was really curious as to what the show would be like, so i picked an Avatar for myself and called myself Jenner Slingshot. However, my video card wasn't compatible once i tried getting into the actual gallery. Oh well. I heard there was a good turnout and i have a lot of new fans.

If anyone attended, please comment! I'm curious to hear more!!

Stacia Reinoir as Jezebel
Byrne Darkly Cazalet as Antoinette

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jenn Brisson Goes Virtual!

Sorry i haven't been posting anything in awhile(been EXTREMELY busy). But i had to post this cuz it's pretty surreal for me...

Today, from 2 to 4pm, my art will be shown in a virtual gallery! The show is called "Pieces"(pieces of art, pieces of skateboards, pieces of paper, pieces of me... you get the idea) Basically, you go to this site called Second Life and create an avatar for yourself, enter the gallery, then walk around and view my shit! Crazy! I'm going to try to be there in attendance, cuz it just sounds too wacky to not, and see who else is there, i guess. Maybe meet people and answer questions for them? i dunno.

For more info you can go to the Facebook event here.

Maybe see you there??