Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making "A Monster In The Making"

I've been wanting to incorporate creepy children in my paintings for awhile. I've done a lot of commissions for parents of their kids with lil' Teddymares hiding behind them... but all very calm and smiley and happy times. 

Here is a lil' sumptin sumptin i did for the Robots and Monsters Show at the Ayden Gallery this past October. I think i was inspired by an ol' kids book i had...
and maybe a little from my own experiences too.


And now YOU get to see how "A Monster In the Making" was made...

 1. after i prep the canvas or whatever it is i am painting on(usually with paper, tissue and/or spray paint) i'll sketch the character on with a pencil or a pen. Here i've already blocked the character with a base coat.

2. added more colours and figuring out where i want the shading to be

3. back to the 'lighter' colour(s) to accent the highlights and detail. I usually go back and forth with all the colours and just keep building ontop of what i already have each time adding a bit more detail. wooters

 4. once i'm happy with the shading and all that jazz, i outline the contour of the subject with either pen, marker, whiteout, paint or all the above. And maybe adding tinier detail as well(like in the doll's stitching, for instance)


monster detail

 doll detail

 bum detail

why the pout, lil' creepy girl?


"Monster in the Making"
mixed on canvas board
Oct 2010