Friday, October 30, 2009


Come to the annual Hot One Inch Action show. I am waiting to hear back to see if my button design has been accepted. If so my button will be passed around and collected at the event. I was in the Trading Card Show they had last year, which was a blast. The design i used for this one is based on my painting "A Watchful Eye". Even if i don't get it, you should still go and partake in the festivities! Tons of really cool art on buttons to trade and collect!

13th Annual Eastside Cultural Crawl

Come to my art space and see me and my artwork!!! I will have new work on display as well! Everything is for sale! Bring your kids and dogs! The space will be open to the public on the days during the Culture Crawl...

...more about the Crawl -->

The Eastside Culture Crawl is an annual FREE 3-day visual arts festival. This event involves artists in their studios who work on the east side of Vancouver, BC, Canada in an area bounded by Main Street to Commercial Drive and from First Avenue north to the waterfront. On the site you will find complete information about the event, including a 2009 printable map and a list of our participating artists.

The mission of the Eastside Culture Crawl Society is to promote Vancouver's east side artists and their work by fostering excellence, encouraging visibility and forging partnerships. The Eastside Culture Crawl Society brings arts to the community through the ongoing creation of events and programming that support the growth of east side artists.

for more info go to the Culture Crawl website or my Facebook Page.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Speaking of Skateboards...

i have 2 skateboards at home with my Penelope painting printed on it. Might have to look into doing more...

Broken - My submission for "Across the Board2" Show

acrylic, tissue paper, marker and pen on a broken skateboard
Sept 2009

My newest piece. I had the idea to paint on broken skateboards for over 2 years now. The boards were donated by one of my dearest friend's son, Zoey. I have a ton of 'em. They've been hiding in a trunk for over 2 years and FINALLY i am putting them to use!! The first attempt, called "Broken" was submitted at the Across the Board 2 Show this past Sept at the Chapel Arts Gallery. A show with artists who love the sport.
For more info and to see the poster for the event go here.

I had to submit a bio as well...

Jennifer May Brisson was born in Manitoba with a pencil already in hand. When she was 3, her family moved to BC where she developed her skills for the arts as well as an early obsession with skateboards. This lil’ tomboy’s obsession came to a halt when her X-Ray Tech father told her that ‘where there are skateboards, there are broken bones’. Determined to ride, Jenn took up snowboarding, thinking that snow would be more acceptable to her father. And so it was. Jenn made him very proud when she survived her very first half-pipe competition.

In school, Jenn was known as the “school artist” and involved herself in tons of “artsy” activities. After graduating, Jenn continued drawing; enrolling herself in the Classical Animation Program at VFS in 1995. Soon after, Jenn found herself working in the animation industry and continued to do so for 12 years. In addition to Vancouver, work took her to places such as California, Phoenix, Korea and China. During this time Jenn picked up painting and has since had various Group and Solo Shows from Commercial Drive to the West End. After a long run of drawing cartoons for a living, Jenn left her life’s passion and headed to Australia to live out of a car for a few months to collect her thoughts.

One of her favourite discoveries over the years has been the ocean and its waves. Even though painting can be relaxing, when Jenn needs to get away, a surf trip is in the works. She has surfed the waters in Tofino, the US, Australia and in November will be on a board in the Philippines.

Currently, Jenn paints and lives in Kits, works in a Sound Studio in North Van, and rocks out in a band called “Rain City Murders”.