Friday, March 18, 2011

The Strip Show

So, the theme for the next Box Studios/Franklin Room show happening tomorrow is "strip".

What comes to mind when i hear that word... well, a few things actually...

So, here are 3 paintings/sketches i completed last night. Complete with strips of comic strips and comic strip characters stripping...

Rattle Trap
mixed on canvas

Stranger- "Sigh. Archie, you're so clumsy!"
Archie- "Yeah, I know"
Veronica (to Betty)- "I shudder to think that I've ridden on that rattle-trap"
Betty- "Now, Veronica"
Veronica- "But it's like he's proud of it!"
Archie- "Why not?"

 Here It Comes
mixed on canvas

Olive- "Oh, I'm so hungry--Hurry up give me some!"
Popeye- "Okay, Olive... Here it comes!"
*Olive gets splashed in the face by something*

Clumsy Distraction
mixed on canvas

Veronica- "Good grief! I knew you drove me hard, but not THAT hard!"
Archie(thinking about Betty)- "Having you on my mind always gets me distracted!"
Betty- "Oh!"
Stranger- "He's clumsy, but a smooth clumsy!"