Saturday, May 29, 2010


To all my Old School fans and my new ones!
Thank you SO much for all your support in the past days/weeks/years!

I have a busy month ahead of me and if you can, please join me at any of these events!

TOMORROW May 29th at PAT'S PUB in VancouverGREASE n GRIND Show is going on from noon till late.
Sweet rides, live music and "HOT RODS AND COOL BROADS" Art Show
One night only! I'll have a piece or 2 in the show! More info click here

facebook links:For art show click here
For event click here#2
June 5th at THE WALLFLOWER on Main St
Art up for the month of June
facebook link click here

Alice in Wonderland inspired art for one night only.
Facebook Event:
Official Event Page:

June 18th at FORSYA BOUTIQUE on Main St
Art will be up from June 14 - July 18
Facebook event click here

THAT IS ALL FOR NOW!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Teddymares On Parade" Show

Grease N Grind Show

A day of Hot Rods, sweet vintage motorcycles and choppers, live music and "Hot Rods and Cool Broads" Art Show!! Sat May 29th at Pat's Pub in Vancouver. I'll have a one or 2 pieces for the event... and it will also be the day i celebrate my birthday... It's actually on the 26th, but with all this painting i have to get done for the next few weeks... i think my real birthday will be spent with some paper, spray paint and acrylic paints... happy birthday to me!

For more info on the event click here

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some New Decks...

Ok, i only got a few new ones done... and then JUST sold one of the them! It's great that they're selling fast, but man, i was hoping to get 20 done for my next show!! However that's in 17 days from now... which means i have to do at least 2 a night since i'm actually supposed to hang them up a few days before the show... hmmm... time to get crackin'... and crazy!!

Looks like i might not be celebrating my birthday after all :(

"Jimmy Jimmy Three Eyes"
mixed on broken skateboard
May 2010

mixed on broken skateboard
April 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shows Upcoming!!!!

Ok, so i have a ton of shit coming up and i am starting to stress!!

#1 "Hot Rods and Cool Broads Show" May 29th at Pat's Pub
#2 SOLO SHOW at The Wallflower on June 4th or 5th
#3 "Beyond Wonderland" at Box Studios and The Franklin Room June 12th
#4 SOLO SHOW at Forsya Boutique June 18th
#5 SOLO SHOW on Commercial Drive sometime in July


Bye Bye Boardies

Because the original piece i did for the 2nd Carded Show was bought by a man from Houston, Texas, i had to paint something else to hang up at the Ayden Gallery. I didn't want to show anything old, so i did these 2 new boards.

Both were sold at the show! Part of me was super stoked, but the other part was upset because now i have to do more boards for my shows coming up in June!

Dang nabbit!!

"Mouthie Bear Like To Talk About Himself"
mixed on broken skateboard
April 2010

"Al R. G. McGee"
mixed on broken skateboard
April 2010

The 2nd Annual Carded Show (Part 2) -the pics-

So "Carded Is Back" (aka: the 2nd Annual Carded Part 2) was held at Ayden Gallery. This time each artist got to submit the original art that they used for their card. If the original piece was not available anymore(in my case, the painting i used to submit for my card was already bought and is now hanging somewhere in Houston, Texas!), then other pieces were accepted to hang in the gallery. So for this show, i painted 2 new skateboards and both sold!

It turned out to be a very busy night(i just came from my first Roller Derby game and was heading to the Cheaper Show Announcement Party right after Ayden).

I bumped into a few friends of mine at Ayden who also submitted for the Carded show. Here they are with their wonderful pieces!!!

Me, of course with "Mouthie Bear Likes To Talk About Himself"
and "Al R. G. McGee"
(both now in Houston, Texas)

Peter had two different cards- one with Parnell Collective and the other was a solo piece. Look at him high kick!!!

Here's my buddy Cammy. I used to work with Cam in animation, and now we jam out in our rock band called 'Rain City Murders'. He's one of our geet players! The picture at the bottom is of Jessica next to Cam's card. Jess was the inspiration for Cam's art piece! Cutie pie!!

for more on Cam, click here

And then there's Tony! He was having a hard time posing next to his art pieces...
but i thought he did a fine job! haha VERY serious...

for more on Tony, click here

My Cards and I... from Carded at Jacana Gallery

The 2nd Annual Carded Show (Part 1) -more pics-

photos by Chris Bentzen

For more info and pics on the show, including artists cards, click here

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CARDED 2010 (Part 1) -the pictures-

This was such a fun night. Another successful show. For more info and for more pics please check out

There are examples of all the artists' cards as well as stuff from other Carded shows.