Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Henrietta: Ruer of the Household

acrylic and mixed on canvas board
March 2010

Here is one of my latest commission pieces. Her name is Henrietta. I've decided to name all my ladies after each letter of the alphabet. I was on the letter 'H' when i completed her and decided to go with Henrietta because the person that commissioned the painting wanted it for his newly renovated home and the name means 'ruler of the household'. Well, I thought it was fitting...

Play, Hide and Seek

The trio is now complete.
First time showed together was at The Whipped Show.

acrylic and mixed media on canvas

all acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The 4th Annual LADIES FIRST Show! PICS

Here are some pics from the show at Ayden Gallery on March 5th.
Here is an older post from the event!
(above, with the thick black frames are 2 of mine)

^Here's another one of mine at the bottom^
This one will be traveling with the show. Heading to Calgary, Phoenix and Asbury Park in NJ.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heart-On Show Pics

For better pics of the paintings i submitted, click here.
For more info on the event, click here.

Another Artist Uses Old Decks for Art!

This is super cool!! I knew i wasn't the only one re-using old decks to create art, but this guy is taking it to a whole new level! Check out the link!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Few New Ladies (A-G)

Here are my newest lady pieces that were in The Whipped Show. I had a hard time naming them, so i decided to do it alphabetically. A few of them were also shown at The 4th Annual Ladies Show put on by Nicole Steen of the Pop Tarts at the Ayden Gallery(see here for more details). You might've seen some of these ladies before, but i wanted to show them all together, here...

I did a "Heart Series" a few years ago and so, i've called this group the "Heart Series Part 2".

Without further adieu, here they are... my Lovely Marionesque Beauties!!

acrylic and mixed
Jan 2010

acrylic and mixed
Jan 2010

acrylic and mixed
Jan 2010

acrylic and mixed
Jan 2010

acrylic and mixed
Jan 2010

acrylic and mixed
Jan 2010

acrylic and mixed
Feb 2010

Preparing for the Whip Show (before the Chaos)

These walls look the same but they're different... 10 broken boards all together...

The 4th Annual LADIES FIRST Show!

Nicole Steen of Vancouver's Pop Tarts, had her 4th Annual Ladies First Show (fab lady art done by fab ladies) which took place at the Ayden Gallery on March 5, 2010. Paintings will then be touring to places like Calgary, Pheonix and Asbury Park, NJ. I had 3 paintings in the show and one lucky painting will be doing the tour! If only i could go with...

Click here to see some of the art!