Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A bunch of friends of mine and i will be in a mini Holiday Fair THIS Sunday!! For those of you who missed me the Crawl, i'll have magnets, prints, skateboards and some original art for sale. 
Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Sugar and Spice" Show!

"Sugar and Spice"!! An anime show featuring 4 female artists and their "process" of creating characters resembling the sweet or spicy kind. 

Their words:
The Beaumont Studios and 4 talented ladies from the Vancouver anime scene are thrilled to announce the opening of Sugar & Spice - an all girls mixed media anime exhibition featuring: Jenn Brisson, Meghan Shaw, Morgan Corkum and Rachel Petrovicz
Personally, i don't find the art THAT anime, and i think a lot of true hardcore anime fans would agree... but just throwing it out there... WE ARE NOT TRYING TO RE-INVENT ANIME! Because "anime" is technically the Japanese word for "animation", The Beaumont thought our work fit perfectly. And even when looking at the word "animation", one thinks of movement. So for this show, we were asked to present art from the very beginning stages of our process and then show the final work along side with it. So, the audience can move with the artist and view how each "character" is thought out and actually born into a piece of final art.

Asides from me, the other artists in the show experienced their FIRST showing and i want to say congrats to them and thought the whole night was quite fun! Lots of people turned out and i thought the work looked pretty cool. 

For more info and pics on the "Sugar and Spice" click here.

I'll post more pics soon!

Beau Ideal Show

 Sorry about the late posts again! I've been SUPER busy and you'll see why...
So, Oct 1-30, me and 3 other artists showed works of the "female" kind at the Hunter Bisset Gallery for their show called "Beau Ideal". 
In their words:

Beau Ideal. This show features the amazing work of four very talented Vancouver artists: Jenn Brisson, Stefan Kotter, Lisa Penz, and Peter Winnett.

I wanted to explore the notion of feminine icons, and look at beauty from a different angle. These four artists bring diverse and exciting points of view, broadening the scope of the feminine ideal and providing rich and storied subtexts for each and every image.

I do hope you can all drop by the opening night reception on Friday October 7, from 7 - 10pm. The show will be up from October 1 - 30.

So, here i showed some older works. "Hellena"(this time in her new frame!), the "mermaids", "Estelle" and "Desire".

I met the lovely Lisa Penz and over all it was a gorgeous show!
The VERY NEXT DAY i was in ANOTHER show at the Beaumont Gallery for their show "Sugar and Spice". More info in the next post! 

Me with Hellena and her new frame! (also to my right are 2 of my "Doodles")
Moi et les mermaids