Monday, October 28, 2013

Edgar and Ellen Backgrounds 2007

Here are some backgrounds I colour styled for the TV series "Edgar and Ellen" I Art Directed for. Seems like forever ago!

Friday, October 25, 2013

First Comic Book Painting! 2010

Here are a bunch of comic book pages I painted a few years ago for the Healthy Aboriginal Network. The backgrounds were loosely drawn, so basically I created them and then coloured all the characters. The comic itself and the characters were designed by Steve Keewatin Sanderson. I coloured styled the entire comic, and painted all the backgrounds except from pages 33-40. Those were done by Steve, which is why they are not present.

The first panels have more rich and saturated colours to represent "present" time, then when it cuts to the girl's memories of the past, the colours become more pastelly and muted. As the stories goes on, her memories catch up to present day, and while this happens the colours slowly become more saturated. The older the memory, the more muted they are. The story takes place in an entire day. Near the end of the comic, it's night time and then the sun rises on a brand new day...

When the pages were complete, Steve would go over them and add lighting to the characters... hence why the characters are pretty flat.

The story is pretty dark, but there's a happy ending. It's about a girl who reflects on her life and remembers all her hard times and struggles she's been through. But in the end, she cleans up her act and makes amends with the people who have helped her along the way and is grateful for being a survivor and for the gift of life. Deeeeeep...

Ok, here ya go!
pg 1
pg 2
pg 3
pg 4
pg 5
pg 6
pg 7
pg 8
pg 9
pg 10
pg 11
pg 12
pg 13
pg 14
pg 15
pg 16
pg 17
pg 19
pg 20
pg 21
pg 23
pg 24
pg 25
pg 26
pg 27
pg 28
pg 29
pg 30
pg 31
pg 32
pg 33
pg 34
pg 35
pg 36
pg 37
pg 38
pg 39
pg 40
pg 41
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pg 44
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pg 46
pg 47
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