Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Old One

"Chantal Danse"
can't remember the size... um, big
mixed on canvas

I sold this painting before i was able to take a picture of it. The owner of the piece was kind enough to take one for me and send it over. Thanks Simon!

More Windy Pieces...

So, i guess i've been in this flighty, windy stage or something, 
cuz a lot of my work these days have wind-blown hair and seem to be waiting for something. 

Perhaps i'm in a transitional stage and letting the wind sorta guide me towards the right direction...

...Curious as to what will wait for me on the other end... 

"Eagerly To The East"
4x6 and framed
water colour and ink
"Waiting Westwardly"
4x6 and framed
water colour and ink

Lucy In The Wind With Feathers

"Lucy In The Wind With Feathers"
7x9 in thick white frame
mixed on canvas board

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eastside Culture Crawl 2011 Recap

So, just to recap(sorry it's like, 3 months later!!)... it was quite successful. Did i ever mention that? Anyways, it was. Busy as per usual- tons of new people coming through, lots of sales(prints, magnets and paintings), a lot of new "fans"... like i said it was successful. I did something fancy with one of the walls that i had my art displayed on(got a lot of great feedback from that)and now i'm trying to figure out how i'll show my work for next year... one thing i know i HAVE to do for next year, is start preparing WAY earlier! I know i say that every year, but i still fall behind and then it's a panic to get everything organized! I guess that's the way i work... ah well.

For more on the Crawl click here.
My page on the Crawl, here.

See ya in November, 2012!!