Friday, February 19, 2010


Before i post new stuff from The Whipped Show, i'd like to share with you a commission i did for a parent with a child obsessed with her lil' stuffed hippo. His name is Bli-Blu and he is a happy lil' hippo. Here he is...

Hard Drive Go Bye-Bye!

Sorry, everyone! Our hard drive at home just hit the bucket and all the scans of my new paintings were on it! GAH! All the new paintings are either in other people's(buyers) homes or at The Whip. So to see them clearer, you'll have to go see them in person or wait till i can rescan the one's that i have left... at any rate, i'll post The Whip Show pics in the next entry or so...

By the way... the show was a great success!!! Thanks to everyone who made it out! Paintings will be up till the beginning of March!

Next show is "CARDED"! Yes, the trading card art show is back!! And my card will be making an appearance! It happens Feb27th at Jacana Gallery on Granville and Broadway in Vancouver!!!

Hope to see you there!