Friday, June 3, 2011

Come Play In the Dark: Jenn Brisson by SUGAR CREATIVE

I can't believe i haven't posted this yet!!!! 
I thought i did, but i've been looking in my blog for this and couldn't find it!! 
I am ashamed...

A good friend of mine, Melanie Jane, of Sugar Creative, asked me to be the subject of one of her photo shoots. One of her projects was to take portraits of people who do different and interesting things. She wanted to stray away from the typical style portrait.

Here's her version of "Jenn Brisson" -me amongst my paints, paintings and creepy pets... click on the link and enjoy.

For more on Sugar Creative, click here

My New Pieces for Seattle's Doll Expo!!

"Mallory Finds A Friend"
8x10 unframed
mixed on canvas board
May 2011
(pics of this framed to come)

"Precious In Pink"
11x17 unframed
mixed on canvas board
May 2011
(pics of this framed to come)

Uncanny Dream: Doll Expo in Seattle!!!

 I was happy to be invited by the lovely and talented Redd Walitzki to submit some of my art for the long awaited Doll Expo that happened last weekend in Downtown Seattle! 

This week there is another show Uncanny Dreams-Valley of the Dolls at her studio X17, also in downtown Seattle... my pieces are staying in Seattle for this show....

Here's what she wrote about the first event:

I'm excited to announce Uncanny Dream - Articulated Fantasy 2011, a brand new Ball-Jointed Doll Expo in downtown Seattle, WA. This one-day event will feature diorama displays by 7 of the Pacific Northwest's top BJD Customizers. The Expo will also include several Vendors, space for visitors to set up their wares to trade or sell in a trunkshow, and public meetup and photography space.
Admission is Free!

Uncanny Dream will be held Sunday May 29th, 2011 in a large art studio/gallery space in Pioneer Square, right on the Seattle Waterfront. Artists were invited to create fantasy worlds for their dolls to inhabit, ranging from traditional fantasy to steampunk and cyber. We have put together an exciting list of talented BJD customizers from Seattle and the NW region to build these diorama displays, including:
Christy (Captured in Thought)
Fenris (resin+)
KireiX and Keekster (BJD Cast)
KasaMadhuri777 (Alraune Atelier)

A huge variety of customized dolls will be present, including Soom, Dollstown, Fairyland, Dollshe, Dollzone, and many many more.

We have also lined up exciting vendors to sell clothes, wigs, accessories and dolls, including Jpopdolls and Other vendors and special activities will be announced as we draw closer to the event.

The main Gallery space will feature the artists' BJD dioramas for you to enjoy and photograph. The large Hallway Gallery will feature the vendors, and have some space for visitors to set up their own wares in a trunkshow format. The large Photography Studio next to the main gallery will be a public meetup area, and has lots of space to setup and photograph any dolls you're bringing with you.

Uncanny Dream is taking place in the 619 Western Artist Building in downtown Seattle, in the X17 Gallery space. There is ample parking underneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct right behind the building (free on Sundays) and a pay-lot adjoining the building. It is also in easy walking distance to Uwajimaya Asian Market & Bookstore, International Model Toys, Pike's Place Market, and the Seattle Downtown Shopping core so visitors driving to Seattle for the event have convenient access to all Downtown has to offer.

Location Info for Uncanny Dream 2011:

619 Western Ave (4th Floor South)
Seattle WA, 98104
12-6PM Sunday May 29th, 2011

Here's what she wrote about the second event: 

For June First Thursday artwalk Studio X17 is proud to present a doll-themed exhibition featuring a stellar lineup of local and international artistic talent.

Featuring the "Slantways Dollhouse" installation piece by Redd Walitzki and Carl Faulkner, including Redd Walitzki's ball jointed dolls, this show explores a variety of artists take on the doll in art.

Artists include:

Jenn Slingshot Brisson
Mika Jones
Desire Thompson
Anna Wiggs
Nichole Laverty
Braden Duncan
Cassidy Depew
Chloe Macho
and more!

Join us for free drinks and lovely art Thursday June 2nd!

4th Floor S
619 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98194

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CARDED! 2011

GAH! Another late post!
Saturday April 30 8-11pm
Gallery Gachet (88 E Cordova) 
 Another great night of mingling and trading art cards. A few more friends have joined the "team" and got their won cards in the mix! 

Here's mine:

Here's Meagan Mah with daughter, Olivia. Meag's card is just below...

Megz had her card there too. Here she is with Saskia!

Dave Mah's card
 And Heather Renney's card! She as also the photographer of these pics that i am "borrowing".  Thanks Heddy!

La Violenta Tormenta de Arte @The Beaumont

The Beaumont Studios

Currently Exhibiting

May 5th – May 30th LA VIOLENTA TORMENTA DE ARTE, An Homage to the Pageantry and Imagination of Mexican Wrestling

 (This painting is not mine. Not sure who the artist is...)

Inspired by the tradition of Mexican wrestling costumes and masks, Whistler based Blind Mute Productions is bringing their show La Violenta Tormenta De Arte to the gallery of The Beaumont Studios. Translated as A Violent Storm of Art, the mixed media collection includes paintings (oil, acrylic and watercolor), dioramas, photography, spray paint work, multi media pieces, and computer illustrations from 30 artists from all over Western Canada.

Arne Gutmann – Whistler
Robin Dutcher – Whistler
the Incredible Amoeba – Whistler
Randoid – Whistler
Josee St. Amour – Squamish
Jordan Soak – Vancouver
Phresha le Vandale – Vancouver
Dave “PEPE” Petko – Whistler
Sheena Weber – Vancouver
Natalia Kawatski – Whistler
Maria Sandner – Vancouver
Lauren Ritz – Whistler
Helen Wojcik – Nelson
Doerte Beilfus – Germany
Dan Poisson – Victoria
Jake “Destro” Spade – Victoria
Corinna Haight – Victoria
CHantelle Pellerin – Whistler
Christina Christy – Vancouver
Arin Seiber – Vancouver
Andy Fenwick – Whistler
Andrea Mueller – Whistler
Tassila Elizabeth – Whistler
Mark Kowalchuk – Calgary
Darren Camplin – Vancouver
Stan Matwychuk – Squamish
Jenn Brisson – Vancouver
Michael Bennett – Whistler
Dianna Day – Whistler
Nichole Steen – Whistler
12 Midnight – Whistler

Blind Mute Productions is an art show production team committed to showing new and established artists without censorship. For over 5 years the group has encouraged unbridled imagination and explored unique subjects in shows all over Whistler and Squamish and now in Vancouver and Victoria.
For more information about Blind Mute Productions visit their blog:

Or contact curator and artist Dave “PEPE” Petko:

La Violenta Tormenta de Arte

Sorry for the late post.... La Violenta Tormenta de Arte, a group exhibition put on by Blind Mute with a Mexican Wrestling theme is touring at the moment. It started in Whistler, then headed to the Beaumont Studios in Vancouver, then Victoria and then back up to Squamish to end the tour.

One of my pieces are in the show and there are a ton of other artists involved. I bought a couple of pieces at the show by an amazing graffiti artist named Jordan Soak. Stoked to pick those up!

Here is a sample of my piece... i actually want to add one thing to it, so i'll post it again once i've done that...
"El Partido"
15x15" with frame
mixed media on board