Monday, March 12, 2012

Tara McPherson Time Lapse!

 One of my fave artists at work! Love this stuff! So inspirational! I wanna paint big again!

Time lapse painting of 'Safety of Water' by Tara McPherson from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sadie Hawkins Show! Ladies Choice

I was invited to participate in another Seattle group show called 'Sadie Hawkins Show'. Sadie Hawkins is a tradition that started in the late 30's and is based on the Al Capp comic strip, "Li'l Abner." As the tradition goes, usual roles are reversed and gals ask the guys to the dance. So in this case, ladies were required to ask a man of her choice to collaborate in a piece for the show!  My choice? I picked my Baby of course, indy! 

Indy did up a ruff of what he had in mind, and we went back and forth tweaking the idea... i added my typical ripped up paper background and added my little teddymares and such. Overall is went well(didn't butt our heads too much), and the final piece was well-received! I loved how it turned out that i look forward to doing another piece with indy again! 

"Who'z A Cute Kittymare?"
mixed on wood