Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making "A Monster In The Making"

I've been wanting to incorporate creepy children in my paintings for awhile. I've done a lot of commissions for parents of their kids with lil' Teddymares hiding behind them... but all very calm and smiley and happy times. 

Here is a lil' sumptin sumptin i did for the Robots and Monsters Show at the Ayden Gallery this past October. I think i was inspired by an ol' kids book i had...
and maybe a little from my own experiences too.


And now YOU get to see how "A Monster In the Making" was made...

 1. after i prep the canvas or whatever it is i am painting on(usually with paper, tissue and/or spray paint) i'll sketch the character on with a pencil or a pen. Here i've already blocked the character with a base coat.

2. added more colours and figuring out where i want the shading to be

3. back to the 'lighter' colour(s) to accent the highlights and detail. I usually go back and forth with all the colours and just keep building ontop of what i already have each time adding a bit more detail. wooters

 4. once i'm happy with the shading and all that jazz, i outline the contour of the subject with either pen, marker, whiteout, paint or all the above. And maybe adding tinier detail as well(like in the doll's stitching, for instance)


monster detail

 doll detail

 bum detail

why the pout, lil' creepy girl?


"Monster in the Making"
mixed on canvas board
Oct 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Robots and Monsters Show

My buddy Megzies was the guest artist for this show. And i know this is late, but whatevs...


Opening Reception
Friday October 22, 2010  7pm to 11pm

Featured Artists:
Megan Majewski
Rachel Sawatzky
Kelly Haigh
Brianne Tweedle
Emily Dohler-Knox
Steffen Quong
Ben Worth
Curtis Hamm
Benson Musaev
Matt Linares
Kristian Adam
Chris Brett
Nomi Chi
Christopher Williams
Jordan Turner
Shimona Hendry
Peter Hogan
Russell Alton
Xavier Smith
Rheanna Fancypants
Cam Studwick
Colin Moore
Alison Lilly
Jenn Brisson
Morgan Jeske
Mandy Tsung

Cherchez La Femme
Free Admission
Artists in Attendance
Live Painting
Exhibition closes Oct. 17, 2010

88 West Pender St
2nd floor
International Village(Tinseltown)
Vancouver, BC


Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Hot One Inch Action for 2010

My lovelies... their name is "Jezebel"(based on a painting i did on a drum skin for The Boutique Beauties show i had in the summer at Forsya Boutique).

For pics of the drum skins pieces, click here.

Hot One Inch Action 2010

  Again, a funz night. Lots o' peeps. Lots o' buttons. See the pretty picture below...

For more info on this or past "button" shows click here

Hanging at Terra Housing

 Here are pics from when i hung up my art on Commercial Drive over the summer. They were hung at Terra Housing for 2 months. Between that, The Wallflower Show and the Forsya Show, it was quite a busy month of um... showings. Yay walls!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2nd '100 Amigos Show' 2010

El Kartel had their second "100 Amigos" show. 100 artists were given the same size canvas and all had the freedom to do what they do best. It was another great night, HOWEVER, when i got there it turned out that they had "lost" my painting so it wasn't up! After mentioning it to Pablo(the store's owner) he explained how crazy it was there that day and then took off in search for the missing painting. After awhile he came out from the back room holding my painting.
He found my piece hidden in the back...


Regardless, my painting was finally hung for all to see...

This painting signifies a new step in this "world" that i've created. I've been wanting to combine all my creatures, misfits and creepy characters all together on one canvas. And here i've managed to do just that.

I am excited to see how this "world" will unfold,
what new stories will come out from this new approach...

"The Visitor"
mixed on canvas
(for the 100 Amigos Show at El Kartel)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More boards...

I just realized i never posted these skateboards! Sorry lil' fellas!

mixed on skateboard
June 2010

mixed on skateboard
June 2010

mixed on skateboard
June 2010

mixed on skateboard
May 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Dirty Pop Show

Here's my submission for the "Dirty Pop" Show that happened at the end of Aug. I had plans to do 2 more... a She Hulk one and a Super Girl one... however, with a day time job, 2 freelance gigs, and a couple of commissions on the go... i figured one painting was plenty. And since this one sold right away, the three paintings will never get to be displayed together *sad*...

Unless the same person buys the other 2!! It's a possibility!

PS. There might be a Bat Girl one in the near future as well... tee hee

"The Truth Hurts"
mixed on canvas
Aug 2010

And here are pics from the event...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'H' is for Hellena

"Hellena" and "Hellena(detail)"
Mixed on canvas
May/June 2010
for the Boutique Beauties Show

(for some reason i think her smile reminds me of Cameron Diaz... hmmm)